Low Profile VGA Bracket for HD5450
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To make it work, your video card itself must be "Low Profile".

The main usage for this bracket is that some customers install their low profile video card in a normal PC chassis and throw away their low profile brackets that come with their video card.
When they change their chassis to a smaller platform chassis or 2U Rackmount chassis, they need their low profile brackets.

These Low Profile brackets are from MSI, Gigabyte, and Asus HD5450 chipset low profile video cards.

In addition to make sure that your video card is “low profile”, please also make sure that the original connectors are 15pin video on top, followed by HDMI and then DVI is on the bottom. 

Also, there is a screw on top of HDMI connector.


This is very important because the 15pin video connector will go on separate low profile bracket while HDMI and DVI are on the same low profile bracket. 

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Low Profile VGA Bracket for HD5450

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